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Are you ready for the world tour ?

Here is all you need to know to become the one.

Prerequisite to apply :

  • To be an adult in your country and be less than 40 years old on the 10.09.2016.
  • Be available for the 4 months of the tour: January 2017 till May 2017.
  • A valid passport up to 2018 and driving licence
  • Speak English and a second language fluently
  • Be voluntarily involved in a non profit organization.
  • A clean record
  • A medical attestation for travelling around the world, whatever country, without any contraindication.

And more about you :

  • Have you got a passion? If not, why? If yes, please tell us about it.
  • According to you, what are the essential qualities of a traveller?
  • In which non profit organization are you involved? (name, mission, website)

…. Wanna see more ? Download the Questions pack !

And more about you:

The winners’pack :

On October 1st, it may be you…

You have just been selected, here is what the wwac team offers you:

Before your departure :

  • Trainings about video, photo, blog, social media, JCI and the Touraine.

During the world tour :

  • Travel insurance
  • A ready­to­go gear to travel safely
  • A support for travel, accommodation, food and activities organized by local

JCI organizations :

  • A monthly 500 euros financial support per traveller
  • A 5000 euros donation for the non profit organisation of the two winners
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