Virginie R.

  • Age : 29 years old
  • Country : France
  • City : ANNECY
  • Native language : Français
  • Spoken language : English, Español

Description Virginie R.

Avid traveler, I have lived the last few years abroad. Since I came back to my home city, every free moment is an excuse to travel and get this feeling of freedom and inner peace which fixes you in the present moment. For the rest, I was working as a press officer in Spain (Barcelona) and in Paris. My job was to promote cities or regions such as Miami (US) and the Basque country in Spain to France (a good alternative to combine fun and work). A year ago, I decided to focus my attention on sustainable development. I worked as a head of communication and events for an association that provides concrete solutions to fight against global warming. Among my missions, the drafting of a quarterly newsletter for the general public (example: This new experience taught me that thousand positive projects appear every day around the world. Therefore, I decided to take part of this movement working in the aim of helping the most vulnerable people through the development of green projects.

How do you consider being the ideal candidate ? :

My different experiences in the voluntary sector, in territorial development, public health issues or sustainable development, in France or abroad, have influenced my way of understanding things. I became a person invested, passionate and attentive to others. Besides being autonomous, I easily adapt to different contexts and cultures. I can also show great creativity in my work. This project would allow me to invest myself even more,  especially for NEEFA, and to combine my passion for travel and communication in only one project.

Have you got a passion ? if not, why ? If yes, please tell us about it :

I am very passionate about traveling, that's why I studied in Mexico, lived and worked in Spain and in Australia, and visited several countries across five continents. I don't have much money, but I always try to discover new places. Also, I have my own blog in which I am writing about travel, lifestyle and sustainable development. Last but not least, I really love doing sport, it's a great way to get rid of stress.

Do you pratice any physical activity, which one and what does it bring to your life ? :

I practice several outdoor sports, like skiing, trekking, running, surfing... It allows me to disconnect and enjoy nature. Sports enable me to take a step back from work. This is my time with myself and my goals. When you are practising sports, the mind is only focused on one target: for instance the number of kms that I set up before a run or the top of a trek. In my life, that teaches ambition and efforts to achieve a goal. And obviously practising sport is good for my health and therefore for my well-being. This contributes to my life balance.

Do you have any diplomas or experiences proving your language level ? :

I have one diploma in Spanish, issued by the European program Eurodyssey. I don't have a diploma in English, but I have worked one year and half for the city of Miami. This position required a lot of business trips on site, I also had to make daily translations, detailed reports and to communicate with my clients in English. My main spokespersons I was dealing with in this position were international journalists. I have also lived almost a year in Australia.

During a trip, you are arriving at a new city animated by an important celebration, every city accommodation is fully booked. What do you do ? :

Several options, if it's authorized I can camp, I can also use couchsurfing. If there is no rush, I can make this leg of the trip later or just get away a little bit from the city center. Finally, I can also ask local people for help. There is always a solution.

You are planning to leave for a trip in 6 month, when do you book your flights ? :

It depends, I can book my flight as soon as I have made my decision, that I have enough money aside and I have checked all the information to know before to go. Also, I can book it 3 months before as it is recommended to have a great deal.

According to you, what are the essential qualities of traveller ? :

The main qualities of traveller are, to be respectful, open minded, resourceful, curious and have composure in any situation.

In a few points, telle us about 3 countries and their particularities in terms of cultural heritage, history and cuisine ? :

Australia is a wild island made up of beautiful vineyards, white sandy beaches and desert landscapes. Its cuisine might surprise you, it reflects all the metissages of the country (Greek, Indian, British ...), it is a subtle blend of flavors from around the world. The famous barbecue remains the king of the party. Tradition holds that the Australian end up with family, friends, or simply meet around to share a friendly moment. Undeniable asset of Australian culture, is the friendliness and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Today many efforts are implemented to give more prominence to indigenous people, the first inhabitants of the island, and to its amazing culture. Mexico is a colorful country, with diverse landscapes. Music, arts and celebrations, have a preponderant place in the Mexican culture. People come from afar to enjoy its varied and spicy regional cuisine. That is why in 2010, it has been set on the Representative List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Among the treasures of Mexico, there are also all the traditions and heritage resulting from the civilizations that lived on the land, like the Aztec temples, the Mayan pyramids or the beautiful colonial cities. Indonesia with lush vegetation is a paradise for surf addicts. Rice fields, temperamental volcanoes and impenetrable jungles form this archipelago of over 17,000 islands, the largest in the world. Generous and multicultural, Indonesia consists of a mosaic of peoples and ethnicities that coexist in peace. His cuisine reflects the generosity of its people. The variety of ingredients, including spices obviously, explains his wealth. To explore the country, nothing like venturing into narrow streets to sample the street food.

Have you ever travelled ? If yes, was it a good or bad experience ? Why ? :

I try to travel every time I can, for leisure, work or during my studies. I really love it, because you can learn so much about yourself. Each encounter builds your trip. When you're traveling, you enjoy every single day of your trip because you can always discover something new. When traveling, you feel free, happy and alive.

What does attract you in the WWAC contest ? :

I am first of all, so happy that we can bring a real boost to NEEFA association. This contest is a chance to show how youth is committed to make tomorrow better and that altruistic solutions exist to develop economy, while respecting nature. It's an amazing opportunity to give meaning to a trip and to discover the world heritage by a different way. This project connect my passion for communication, travel and my commitment to the voluntary sector. I can not ask for more than to travel while doing something full of meaning and meeting commited people. I am also  happy to be able to appeal to my sense of creativity through videos, pictures, and articles.

Explain in a few words 2 actions led by JCI Tours in 2015 :

The project named Methacarbo is resulting from the issue of a carbon balance sheet weighed down by industrial activity in Indre et Loire. The main objective is to show the process of methanation in touraine through awareness and promotion and make a pre-feasibility study of a biogas plant, with the idea that it could be a solution for the territory. "Une main pour demain" is dedicated to support Pass'RL association with the mission of helping partial release and old inmates to fit in a sustainable way in life by finding self-confidence through the promotion of tasks assigned within a company.

Tell us about one personal project in line with one of the JCI values. :

First, I realised a video report about plants, insects, birds and any kind of life, aiming to share with Mexican people knowledge about nature's benefits. The main objective was to create a community invested in transforming the relationship between humans and nature by providing sustainable solutions for an impact locally and globally. More personally, I have decided to start from scratch to change my job and to implement a project more in line with my values in sustainable development. I am developing coaching methods, for the well-being of vulnerable people, combining personal development, healthy living, ecology and natural medicine, thus trying to offer alternatives to create positive change in my territory.

Which values led you to choose this non-profit association ? :

I have choose NEEFA, because young people really have an important part to bring to the association, by taking responsability, and sharing commun goals. During the last years we found together targeted solutions to finance the association projects, with the original idea of creating events, benefitting to the local economy (bars, restaurants, beaches...) and to the cultural scene of the territory (singers, musicians, DJ, radios...).

What do you bring to this non-profit association ? :

The association brings so much to all the young active citizens of Saint-Jorioz who are engaged and committed to create a positive impact in the agglomeration. It brings us together around a common project in favor of the weak. From my part, I try to bring my experience in communication, events and sustainable development to create original and green events! We are also all gathered and presented at each event, and we try to share our good mood and desire to take action to create positive change.

Virginie R. supports the organization :

NEEFA Association (New Era of the Child and the African Women) was created in 2000 to help women and children in Benin. The association Aperomix NEEFA was created in parallel in 2012 to finance humanitarian projects. Without grant-aid, its goal is  to create around 7  events /year in the local tourist establishments, to help raising awareness of international solidarity by promoting the regional music scene and developing the local economy. Lead by young people, who organize musical events on the territory mainly for raising funds to provide financial support to enrich and consolidate NEEFA projects. Since October 2006, a policy of parity and free education, was established in Benin and appears to be fruitful. The number of students per year continues to increase, and parity sets in gradually. In kindergarten, between 2005 and 2011, there were over 30,000 new registrants. This free education, despite being a huge step forward for the country, is not yet ideal for enabling all children to attend school. A primary student must come with  his own notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, scissors, glue and outfit; and all such purchases may reach 15 000 CFA. An amount sometimes equal to more than half of the family wage and thus encouraging some parents to not enroll their children in school. In addition, material and human resources are not sufficient and do not allow students to study under good conditions.  In order to respond to these needs Aperomix NEEFA and NEEFA appeared. The primary objective of  NEEFA is the education and the literacy of children in Benin and to set up micro-credit structures for women. For this it is necessary that all the children can have access to information, culture and technology, allowing them an opening to the world and letting them the choice for their future. Actions: NEEFA: Building a center for documentation and education Youth with a computer cluster. Development of two schools, kindergartens, creation of micro credit system for the realization of women's projects. NEEFA and Aperomix NEEFA: 2013: Construction of a second resource center and youth education with a computer cluster at Agbagnizon in the Kingdom of Abomey. Construction of a drinking water well for the existing center in Cotonou. School funding for a Beninese children, Merveille. 2014: Sending an educational material container to Agbagnizon. Merveille returned to school! 2015: Reconstruction of a school in the village of Katele destroyed by the weather. Support for Moina Association in their reconstruction assistance project for several villages in Nepal following the disaster occurred. Participating to the financing of a toy library for refugee children in Annecy. 2016: Obtaining rooms in several schools in Benin for the creation of documentation and computer cluster centers. In agreement with school principals, school support hours are integrated in the study program. Sending a container of educational materials. Money is also sent quarterly to ensure proper operation of the documentation centers (teacher salaries, equipment and premises maintenance, etc...) Our future projects:  Sending a container to equip documentation centers and schools in Benin.

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