• Age : 26 years old
  • Country : France
  • City : Tours
  • Native language : Français
  • Spoken language : English, Italiano

Description Mikaetcetera

Hey, I'm Mikael Rajaonarivony (Mikaetcetera is easier to remember since my last name is sooo long. Unless you're Malagasy, then it's easy peasy). I'm 23 years old and most of the time, regarding my daily routine, I'm a digital project manager in Tours, a student in digital marketing in Paris (MBADMB at EFAP), and a freelance consultant in digital strategy.

How do you consider being the ideal candidate ? :

Well, I'm aged between 18-40, so I fulfill the relevant criteria like a boss  ! More seriously, I'm young, dynamic, I looooove traveling, sharing, learning and teaching and I can adapt very well. As the Dalai Lama said, "When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, when you listen, you may learn something new". And I'm incredible hungry to learn all new things that may cross my path.

Have you got a passion ? if not, why ? If yes, please tell us about it :

Well well well, can I say living life to the fullest is a passion? That sure is a full-time job at least. Regarding my passions, plural, I would say music (piano and harmonica, the latter is easier to take on trips) and traveling, good thing since it is the point of the project !

Do you have any diplomas or experiences proving your language level ? :

TOEIC 990/990.

You are planning to leave for a trip in 6 month, when do you book your flights ? :

Pretty hard to say, depends on the kind of trip but most of the time I would do it at the last minute so I have the flexibility to adapt my plans to the latest events. My passport and my visas would be ready way before though.

According to you, what are the essential qualities of traveller ? :

You have to be generous (not in a mercantile way but loving to share is a big plus), not to have any preconceived idea on other cultures, to be ready to learn, to be amazed, to be disappointed also. Ready to rethink everything you thought you knew, to jump the hill and build your parachute on the way down. Ready to know you won't be ready but that finally you won't have to since the path may change in ways you would never have imagined.

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