A team of devoted volunteers has worked hard since almost a year to launch the WWAC Project. We are part of the JCI Tours, part of the JCI France, part of the JCI. Read more below:


World federation of 200,000 young citizens, aged 18-40, in around 5 000 chapters in more than 115 countries throughout the world.

JCI aims at supporting and making community progress easier by offering young citizens the opportunity to improve their leadership talents, their social assumption of responsibility, their entrepreneurship and solidarity spirits, all necessarry to create positive change in their territories.


JCI France comprises more than 2 000 young active citizens, from various social and professional backgrounds, affiliated to 150 local chapters, gathered into 23 regional federations.

The young people who join JCI France consider it is their responsibility to act for their local community. As they are convinced there are potential improvements to better live together, they develop the projects and means to change society and be a source of proposals. Some of these projects are spread nationwide.


Since the summer 1956 at the heart of France’s gardens, JCI Tours gathers around 50 members and is one of the biggest chapters in France.

Members of JCI Tours have launched the WWAC project to highlight their territory as well as JCI values throughout the world.

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